Live Discussion: Black Women and Mental Health


“I wish someone had told Karyn Washington that she didnt have to be strong…that asking for help was okay”

I was disheartened to learn of the passing of For Brown Girlsfounder Karyn Washington. The suicide of any person is always hard to make sense of but it is an especially sensitive matter in the community of African-American women where so many of us have been socialized to suppress our…

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Note To Self: Solitude Transcends Loneliness | Henri Nouwen


“The difficult road is the road of conversion, the conversion from loneliness into solitude. Instead of running away from our loneliness and trying to forget or deny it, we have to protect it and turn it into fruitful solitude… Loneliness is painful; solitude is peaceful. Loneliness makes us cling to others in desperation; solitude allows us to respect others in their uniqueness and create…

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The ELLE “He Can Only Hold Her” (Amy Winehouse Cover) Live at Fizz


The Elle “He Can Only Hold Her” (Amy Winehouse Cover)

THE ELLE Live at Fizz “Drifted”

mini visual for “Back To You” live. #theelle x #ashleybattle #fizz #chicago #livemusic

New Music: Back To You


Hi Friends!

I’m in the process of working on a 5-track EP. Writing process has been done for quite some time, just recording and getting some loose ends tightened with production. If you didn’t know, my life goal is to be a published songwriter AND novelist, inching closer and closer to it everyday. Take a listen to the track below, I hope you enjoy!

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